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Background Checks

Optional, but strongly recommended. Access inside of account settings.


Choose from several packages of self-service background checks

Worktempl recommends the GoodHire background check service. There are also several other easy to use sites on the market.

Click here to begin: Self-service background check []

Helpers can run a background check on themselves by entering their name, address, phone number, social security number, date of birth and other personal information via the GoodHire website.

Users can choose from several packages, including:

Starter $19.99 - Searches in nationwide criminal databases and sex offender registries.

Basic $29.99 - Expands the Starter search to include Domestic Watch List and Social Security Number Trace.

Standard $59.99 - Adds up to 3 county criminal court searches based on where you’ve lived the past 7 years.

Important Note : Worktempl does not require background checks on any helpers, nor does Worktempl view the results of self-service background checks. However, Worktempl does encourage a background check, especially for certain types of side hustles and projects.

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