How It Works

Our site is simple.

We're here to connect HELPERS with their fellow COMMUNITY MEMBERS for all different types of SIDE HUSTLE work.

Definition of "side hustle": Work performed for income supplementary to one's primary job.

How it works for Helpers

Helpers post a basic profile for FREE and search for other Community Members who are seeking help. There are NO fees for a basic Helper membership. No strings attached. You don’t even need a credit card to become a member of our greater Reno-Carson-Tahoe Worktempl community.

We do not charge our Helpers for leads, nor do we take a percentage of your hard-earned profits from your side hustles. Worktempl is all about supporting our local Helpers and we are simply here to connect you with other members of your community so you can make a little extra money! The rest is between you and the Community Member to communicate, set expectations, and make payments.

The Deal with Finding Work

There are two ways for Helpers to find side hustles on the Worktempl site.

  • Post your Helper profile with your skills and help categories and have other Community Members contact you based off searching keywords relevant to your profile.
  • Review the "Seeking Helper" posts and contact the Community Member if you’re interested.

How it works for Community Members

Ways to Find Helpers

As a local Community Member, finding qualified helpers is simple with our two search avenues.

  • Use our Find Helpers search tool.

    Typing in a keyword(s) like “dog walker”, “handyman” or “photographer” will display the profiles of Helpers whose selected specialties match your search terms.  Or just browse the profiles of all the Helpers in your area.  From there, you may contact as many of the matching Helpers as your heart desires.

  • Create a "Seeking Helper" post by describing your side hustle needs and have our member Helpers contact YOU for potential hire

Important note about privacy within our community

Everyone must become a member of Worktempl to take advantage of its full functionality. Why? Simply, to help preserve the privacy and confidentiality within our regional community. We want to validate the identity of every member who wants to join Worktempl. Eventually, Worktempl will expand to other communities like ours, and we don’t want just anyone poking around our site and our community member profiles. To learn more about how Worktempl addresses privacy issues, Click Here.